We Transform Financial Institutions

CROI Technology helps banking and financial institutions around the world in their transformation in technology, data & operational processes

Strong Base for Sustainable Growth

Our mission is to provide consulting and technology services by leveraging our overall expertise in all areas of banking.

  • Global Transformation

    We take care of your total tranformation be it Technology, Data or Operational Processes

  • Evaluate and select “right fit”

    We help you evaluate and select the applications which are right fit for your organisation

  • Delivery of solutions

    Leave the heavy lifting of design, build, test and deploy the solutions to us

  • Automation & business processes

    Want to automate your testing and business process? We got you covered

  • Management & Governance

    Programme management and Governance for your organization

  • Cost Efficiency

    Cost Efficiency using off shore & near shore model

  • Regulatory Change & Compliance

    We are on top of your compliance requirements. Never worry about ever changing regulatory environment

  • Analytics & Innovative solutions

    Know how it all work out with our analytics and innovative solutions. 

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Investing in People

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